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Today, many erect summer cottages in suburban areas, projects for 6 acres are especially popular. You can bring these building ideas to life very quickly and easily. It is enough to have tools for building a summer house and desire.

All this is done in several stages:

  • buy a summer cottage of six acres or more (if it is not);
  • to think over landscaping on 6 hundred parts;
  • plan the location of elements on the site;
  • decide what kind of cottage is needed;
  • draw a diagram of the plot and the house;
  • build a summer house;
  • translate design ideas into a new home.

Nice plot, location of elements and landscape

As you know, a good summer cottage is better to buy outside the city, but so that it is located not very far from the metropolis. Spending half a day on the road to the cottage and back is very tiring. Also on the suburban area should be fertile soil. This is especially important if you plan to grow vegetables and fruits. But if there is none, then you can solve this problem using the tricks of landscape design and fertilizers.

Designing a summer cottage is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. You can implement a wide variety of projects: from simple, at first glance, even beds, built in the shape of any geometric shape, to ornate patterns that make up the overall design on 6 acres. The exterior design of the site is completely dependent on preferences and engineering (extraordinary examples of landscape design - hanging gardens).

It should be borne in mind that the location of summer cottage elements depends on landscape design, because erecting a house on uneven terrain will be very problematic, and placing beautiful flowerbeds in accordance with strict geometry will not work.

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The project of a country house for 6 acres

Summer cottages are different

6 acres of cottages are different and vary from small houses with a warehouse to huge cottages, which sometimes occupy almost the entire territory. It is better to draw up the site plans yourself, focusing on one of the main aspects of the cottage.

So, it should have a small to medium-sized house, several flower beds, a well-groomed path and an attractive view from the window. Such a cottage will help to relax from the bustle of the city and will be an adornment of almost the entire suburban housing estate.

Country houses are often built in 2 floors.

Gardening projects include a lot of elements, such as ridges, bringing a constant crop, or flower beds, decorating and country houses, and the entire plot as a whole. Gardeners love functionality, so it is necessary to erect a separate building for storing garden tools.

Summer cottages are very diverse. Usually, ready-made projects or structures are bought, but there is also the practice of arranging a plot of 6 acres with your own hands. This issue is approached with extreme caution, as a mistake can lead to both premature destruction of the house and freezing of the building in winter.

Summer houses in the country have a bathhouse in the annex or are built immediately combined, equipped with a kitchen and a bedroom (one or more) and can rightfully be considered residential.

From circuit to design

Schematically depict the future cottage - this is half the battle, then it remains only to translate the plan into reality. We must not forget about all the elements inherent in the suburban area. It:

  • garden;
  • fence of various types;
  • gate, gate, paths;
  • a house, a toilet (if it is not planned in the house), a bathhouse (optional, subject to availability of funds and desire);
  • garage for a car;
  • room for garden tools.

In a good summer house, some formalities are observed that simplify life for everyone.. Namely - you should not be greedy and save every centimeter of the summer cottage area of ​​6 hundred parts, you need to step back 40-70 cm from the road to decorate the fence, as well as to drive two cars, a place in the snow in winter, parking guests and driving cars of the Ministry of Emergencies.

Having cut your plot a bit, you can greatly simplify your life. If you need to bring something to the country or drive into the territory in a big car, it is better not to limit the passage in height and make the gate a little more than required.

The location of the house on the site depends on what will be stored in the country. The building can not be placed close to the fence, it is desirable that it is located opposite to the toilet part of the site. A garage is needed in the immediate vicinity of the road. The bathhouse can be anywhere, it is recommended to put it near the house, but not at the expense of space.

Flower beds and flower beds are best placed on the front side of the house, facing the road. You can also plant cherry trees or a vineyard in this area. On the back of the house there is more space for vegetables and fruits, along the fence you can place shrubs of raspberries, gooseberries, currants, hawthorn, rose hips, etc.

Materials for building the house itself range from bricks and special mortars to ordinary logs and boards. Brick houses they tend to crack in case of defects, they can freeze in the winter, destroying some objects that are afraid of the cold in the premises. On the other hand, such houses do not need to be decorated, because the masonry of this material can be varied. During construction, with brick, you can lay out various drawings, turrets, make a fortress of blocks.

Panel and panel houses need insulation or plaster, but provide generally good thermal and sound insulation properties. There are both cheap and more expensive building options.

Wooden (log cabin) houses are considered a classic solution and very often they are finished with bricks or sheathed with siding and other materials. They have a relatively high cost and satisfactory characteristics of heat and sound insulation, very afraid of fire.

Design approach to decorating the site

The landscape design of the summer cottage can be improved as much as it exists. Garden gnomes - this is the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the decor. But this is only a small fraction in the ocean of country design. The garden can be decorated with unusual lamps, even the garden signs can give some chic to a normal garden. On the roof of the house you can nicely place a weather vane that informs about the direction of the wind. Unusually looks path, decorated with a curb stone inserted diagonally into the ground.

The basement is nice if it is covered with decorative tiles, on the windows you can build exquisite forged metal grilles. And if there is a small patch of free land left, you can equip a small pond decorated with ordinary natural stones.

In the case of growing cabbage, you can’t do without a birdhouse: the birds that live in it will eat pests. To solve the problem with water, you can build a beautiful well and lay a picturesque path to it.

House for a large family

And what kind of cottage without a porch in the house? It will be good to entwine with grapes or bindweed. It will be useful to decorate the porch with a carved frame and put on it a bench and a table to drink tea in the fresh air.

At the dacha, food is often cooked at the stake, so in order to protect the site from fires, it is necessary to put a stationary barbecue, which will also become a wonderful decoration of landscape design.

Have fun in a beautiful country house!

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