Raspberry Beauty of Russia: a large-fruited variety for central Russia

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Raspberry Krasa Rossii is a new large-fruited variety with very good yield and high shoot-forming ability obtained at the Moscow Institute of Gardening (VSTISP) by Professor V.V. Kichina. The description of the variety involves its cultivation in central Russia.

Description of raspberry varieties Krasa Russia

The bush is medium-tall, 1.5-2 m high, sprawling, very powerful. The variety is non-permanent. Forms 8-12 substitution shoots. Each plant forms a compact shoot in the form of 5-8 well-developed root offspring. Annual shoots are very thick, durable and resilient. The internodes are of medium length. Brown shoots, without thorns, flat out to the top. On fruit branches, quite powerful, 18-20 berries are located. The leaves are large, dark green, corrugated.

The berries are attractive in appearance, very large, weighing 8-12 g, elongated conical shape. The surface is dark red, with a pronounced gloss. The berry is easily separated from the receptacle, does not crumble and does not flow, suitable for transportation. The pulp is sweetish, with a pleasant aroma. The number of seeds is negligible. Berries are suitable for fresh consumption and any processing.

The productivity is increased, with high-quality agricultural technology is 200-220 kg per one hundred square meters (5-6 kg per adult plant). Fruiting annually, medium early ripening. Winter hardiness of the variety is quite high (up to -30 ° C). Resistance to the most common diseases and pests - at the level of the best standard varieties.

Description of the variety Krasa Rossii

Correct Fit Technology

If raspberries were planted in early spring, then it is allowed not to remove the aerial part of the plant in order to obtain a crop in the first year.

This variety is very good to grow in a bush way., which involves the placement in each well of two seedlings. When using the ordinary method, the distance between the bushes should be 50 cm, and between the rows - at least 1.5 m, which will allow you to properly care for the plants. After planting, raspberries must be abundantly wateredso that the seedlings take root faster and grow stronger.

Top dressing and watering

With insufficient watering, the berries are smaller, and the taste is worsened. For each square meter of landings you need to spend 3-4 buckets of water. In the rainy season, the frequency and volume of watering should be reduced, and in dry weather - increase.

Irrigation measures are recommended to be accompanied by fertilizer application. For feeding, you can use slurry and diluted bird droppings. Recently, special fertilizers for berry bushes have been very common, having a balanced composition and equipped with simple instructions for use.

Tips & Tricks

Propagate raspberries Krasa Russia can be several ways: root offspring, green or woody root cuttings, apical layers. The quality of ripe berries depends very much on the number of sunny days and temperature indicators. So that the flesh does not acquire an acidic taste, it is recommended that potassium and magnesium dressings be added in a timely and metered manner. To increase the productivity of raspberries, it is necessary to carry out competent thinning of plantings.

Gardeners reviews on raspberries Krasa Rosii

The variety belongs to the category of new and rare. Gardeners and gardeners respond about him ambiguously. Among the advantages are stability, excellent taste and large-fruited, good survival (if the seedlings are of high quality) and the complete absence of thorns on the shoots. In addition, Raspberry Krasa of Russia is one of the most productive varieties cultivated in the suburbs.

Of the minuses, the high demands of the variety for agricultural technology and the excessive dependence of the quality and volume of the crop on weather and soil conditions stand out.

Raspberry Variety Selection

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