Tomato cream: characteristics and description of the best varieties

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Plum tomatoes are characterized not only by a very attractive shape of the fruit, but also by the variety of their color and very good taste and marketability. Cream tomatoes, the varieties of which are very popular among domestic gardeners, most often have positive reviews from gardeners and are highly appreciated by consumers.

The best varieties of tomatoes cream for open ground

Cream tomatoes of several varieties and hybrids are perfect for growing on ridges of open ground in most regions of our country. Their description is currently of interest not only to gardeners and amateur gardeners, but also to small farmers who grow tomatoes for the purpose of further sale.

TitleRipening periodBushFruitSustainability
"Albarossa-F1"Early ripeDeterminant typeDense, red, weighing no more than 60 gHigh enough to be affected by a nematode, as well as verticillosis and fusarium
Advance F1Mid-season hybrid formDeterminant with good leafinessRed, with sufficient density, weighing up to 105 gHigh to defeat by a nematode, and also by verticillosis and fusarium
BaltimoreMid-seasonMedium Leaf DeterminantRed, dense, weighing up to 75 gAverage
PalmyraMid-seasonIndeterminate, needs to be formedBright orange, universal use, weighing 80-90 gOn the Middle level
"Charm"Early ripeDeterminant, bush typeYellow with an orange tint, fleshy and sweet flesh, weighing up to 100 gTo fusarium and late blight
Benito F1Mid earlyDeterminant typeRed, fleshy, transportable, weighing up to 120 gTo verticillosis and fusarium
"Semalus-F1"Early ripeDeterminant, with a friendly return of the cropRed, fleshy type, transportable, weighing up to 110 gDisease resistant
RomaMid-seasonDeterminant, unpretentious plantRed, with fleshy pulp, weighing 80 gTo verticillus wilting and fusarium
"Black Moor"Mid-seasonCarpal plant indeterminate plantBrown, weighing up to 45 gSusceptible to apical fruit rot and drought
"Giant red cream"Medium early ripeningDeterminant typeBright red, fleshy, large sizesTo the main diseases

Popular varieties of tomatoes cream for greenhouses

Greenhouse plum-like varieties and hybrid forms of tomatoes are very numerous, which allows growers and gardeners to choose the most promising and best of them. When making a choice, it is recommended to pay attention to disease resistance and temperature changes, yield indicators, taste and give preference to zoned varieties and hybrids.

How to grow cream cream tomatoes in open ground

TitleRipening periodBushFruitSustainability
"Altayechka"Early ripeStamp type, determinantRed crimson, with an average density, weighing 120 gOn the Middle level
Athena F1Mid-seasonIndeterminate, well leafyOrange, with dense pulp, weighing up to 110 gHigh enough
Apollo F1Mid earlyIndeterminate, carpal typeNot prone to cracking, dense, red, weighing no more than 100 gHigh to complex diseases
KibitsEarly ripeDeterminant with good leafinessFleshy, red, weighing no more than 60 gHigh to complex diseases
Golden StreamEarly ripeMedium Leaf DeterminantYellow, with fleshy flesh, weighing up to 70 gIncreased
"The Knight"Mid-seasonMedium Leaf DeterminantRed, fleshy and transportable, weighing up to 170 gHigh for TMV, Alternaria and Septoria
"Butterfly"Mid-seasonDeterminant typeRaspberry-pink fleshy pulp, weighing no more than 30 gAverage
Highpil-108-F1Mid earlyMedium Leaf DeterminantDense red flesh, average fruit weight 110 gTo the defeat of alternative stem cancer, gray leaf spot, bacterial spot, fusariosis, verticillosis, nematode
"Honey cream"Early ripeSemi-spreading bush with medium level leafyMedium red fruitsTo verticillosis and fusarium

Features of growing seedlings

Not only the productivity of the garden crop, but also the quality indicators of the fruits depends on how correctly the seedlings are grown. In the process of selecting and acquiring seeds, one should focus on varietal characteristics, as well as the timing of the ripening of the crop, the height of the tomato bush and the level of purity of selection. When growing seedlings, special attention should be paid to the following rules:

  • conduct a visual inspection of the acquired seed material for the presence of empty and deformed seeds;
  • to select the most full-bodied seeds, you should immerse them in saline for several minutes, and then remove all that have surfaced;

  • disinfection is carried out by immersing the seeds in a warm faint pink solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide for about ten to fifteen minutes;
  • in order to harden the seeds should be kept for 24−48 hours on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator;
  • to accelerate the germination of seedlings will allow the use of a method of germinating seeds on the surface of wet tissue.

Seeds prepared in a similar way should be sown in pre-prepared and decontaminated nutrient soil, with which seedlings with drainage holes are filled. Sowing tomato seeds should be made two months before the date of the proposed planting of plants in a permanent place.

Growing tomato cream in a greenhouse

If necessary, after the appearance of two true leaflets on tomato seedlings, they are dived into separate seedling cups, which will provide growing plants with a full nutritional area. Further care for tomato seedlings is as follows:

  • the temperature regime of air in a room intended for growing tomato seedlings should be approximately 18−20 °FROM;
  • plants should provide high-quality lighting, which will reduce the risk of elongated seedlings;
  • watering is carried out as the soil dries in a seedling tank;
  • for irrigation only settled water of room temperature is used;
  • top dressing of tomato seedlings can be carried out with a solution based on superphosphate or with ready-made fertilizers for vegetable crops in the form of GUMI or Baikal EM-1 compounds.

Two weeks before planting a plant for a permanent place, it is necessary to conduct hardening procedures aimed at strengthening the immunity of seedlings and accelerating adaptation to new growing conditions. Seedlings should be planted in a permanent place in the evening or in the morning, on a cloudy day, in compliance with the planting scheme, which can vary depending on the varietal characteristics of the plant.

Reviews of gardeners

Many domestic gardeners were inspired by Bendrick's way of growing cream tomato tomatoes. The author has moved away from the traditional agricultural technology of vegetable crops and uses a non-watering method of growing tomatoes, which allows the plant to adapt well to climatic conditions in the cultivated area and guarantee a stable crop.

How to preserve cream tomatoes

Every year, Alexander Nikolayevich carefully plans planting in his mini-garden and has long replaced raspberries and blackberries with raspberries and blackberries, and the tomato variety "Bendrick Cream" breaks all records for productivity. Thus, at present, every gardener has a great opportunity to use not only traditional, but also alternative, most promising methods for growing plum-like tomatoes in their personal plots and garden plots.

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