How to make a children's house in a summer cottage with your own hands

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A do-it-yourself children's house in a summer cottage is an excellent gift for kids. It can be built from different materials, and the sizes can be different. You can create something like this (photo No. 1), and if you have space, you can build a much larger structure. Consider several options for building houses.

How to build a house for children

A do-it-yourself children's playhouse can have dimensions 160x160x140 cm with a roof height of 90 cm. To create it, you need to prepare:

  • foundation blocks - 4 pieces;
  • corners metal fixing;
  • bars for the manufacture of flooring - 11 pcs.;
  • floorboards - 4 pcs.;
  • lining;
  • platbands;
  • furniture board;
  • paint;
  • bars for the roof - 5 pcs.;
  • ondulin;
  • edged boards;
  • screws, nails;
  • holders for beams.

The work itself is carried out in several stages.

  • Stage 1. We make a floor frame. For it, you need to mount the base, aligning it with the diagonals. After alignment, the structure is reinforced with corners.
  • Stage 2. Choose a place to build. Place must be level. The finished frame is laid on the ground, the places for fixing the foundation are marked.
  • Stage 3. Giving a children's product of wood resistance. In the marked places, the recesses are digging into the foundation blocks. They are buried to the depth of the bayonet shovel. They should lie flat. This is checked by level. It is necessary to lay waterproofing on the top of the blocks so that moisture does not get on the floor.
  • Stage 4. We build a floor. To do this, the entire frame is sewn up with boards. The floor should be smooth and free from roughness.
  • Step 5. The floor needs to be processed. This is done from the ground. Using a brush or roller, apply a layer that protects the wood from fungus and mold.
  • Stage 6. Creating racks and rafters. Bars are attached to the finished floor and reinforced with corners (photo No. 2). The rafters for the roof are attached to the racks (3 pieces). They are level or plumb and are secured with metal holders.
  • Step 7. Covering the frame. The finished frame is sheathed by a blockhouse or lining (photo No. 3). You can sheathe a structure for children in the country outside and inside. Lay mineral wool slabs between the layers of wood to insulate the structure.
  • Step 8. Creating a roof. The roof is covered with ondulin. This material is well cut with a grinder. For decoration, many craftsmen use a carved board. The same board can sheathe the corners of the constructed building. It would be nice to decorate doors and windows with hand-made platbands (photo No. 4).
  • Stage 9. Inside the children’s house, do-it-yourself benches and a table are installed. A playhouse for children for a summer house is ready. It remains only to paint it in various bright colors.

DIY play house

Other options for building a house

How to make a children's house for a child and his friends in a summer cottage? Ideas can be very different. Here are some of them:

  1. The baby house can be placed on a natural elevation. Instead of foundation, solid wood is used. Curtains can be hung on the windows. This will make it possible to hide the room from prying eyes.
  2. The windows can be glazed, and the doors can be made quite dense. You can give the house a look of real housing. But this will require a special approach to its creation.
  3. A massive children's wooden house with your own hands can be made with a spacious room located on the second floor. The usual entrance to it can be supplemented by a slide. To climb this hill you need to make a staircase with a railing. The child will definitely like this design. A wooden house for young children in the country is easily equipped with a sandbox below, which is arranged under the house.
  4. A wooden house for children in the country with their own hands can be painted pink. Girls will appreciate it. To it you need to build a small veranda on which to place flowers.
  5. The plywood house will look bright in the landscape if it is painted in blue. A spacious porch and paving slabs complete the structure.

There may be other ideas. Wooden houses for children in the country are fully paneling assembled very quickly and stand for many years. No wonder, after all, any kindergarten is equipped with such structures.

Unconventional play houses

You can make a wooden house for children not only in the country, but directly in the main dwelling. Any tent can become a personal fortress for a child. How to build play houses indoors? There are different ideas again. A wooden house is very good. But inside a residential building, it is better to use cardboard or cloth. A home tent that is pulled onto a table is a great solution. For its manufacture, you need to measure the length, width and height of the table. It is better to choose a dense fabric. The windows in the house are made of plastic film. Instead of a door, a zipper or other fastener is inserted. On the walls you can draw cartoon characters. The fabric house is easy to disassemble and does not take up space.

A playground for children is made out of cardboard. For its construction does not need the skills that a wooden house requires. It is enough to have the necessary amount of cardboard, paint and simple tools. Window and doorways are cut in cardboard with a sharp clerical knife. With enough material, the final result depends only on the imagination of the manufacturer. You can come up with your own manufacturing schemes and internal equipment of the house. In any case, it will bring joy to your child.

How to make a children's house

Conclusion on the topic

The summer cottage is intended for growing vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, as well as for recreation for adults and children. In the country, pools and alpine slides with dry streams are arranged. With a sufficient area of ​​the site, many are also building children's playhouses. They have different designs and are built using various materials. You can build a children's house in the country from wooden boards, from plywood, lining and timber, brick and concrete are spent on its arrangement. Such a structure can be made of fabric, cardboard boxes and other materials. The construction of a building in the country does not take much time and costs mostly quite cheap. The best place to place it is between the trees, on a hill. You can bring a track to it.

Of the tools you may need: a hacksaw, jigsaw, screwdriver, glue gun, drill, keys and screwdrivers, chisels, level, plumb line, tape measure. All work is best done together. First, the frame is assembled on the foundation, then the walls are sheathed and the roof is erected. The game house can be equipped with furniture, curtains, an electric bell and lamps. Used for lighting and LED strip. Children will be delighted with this structure.

The product can also be built in the living room. For this, cardboard and cloth are used. The frame is made of PVC pipes, wooden parts. Even a regular table can become a frame. This play area is also very popular with children.

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