Why are petunias so small

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Tell me, please, why are petunias so small? thanks

And I have such, the first time this.

This year, in general, something all Lilliputian with me and Lobelia and Petunia and wild strawberries are all small.

Lyudmila, what sort of variety do you have? Accidentally not a large-flowered Snow globe?

And here I have these, also planted in February

Svetlana, what about you? Much depends on the variety. For example, for me, the snow globe is about the same as Lyudmila's, and the ampoule avalanche is like yours.

Are they peaked?

And they don’t smell what this year is?

Cheer up, last year I planted such frail ones in the garden, and they grew so big, waving about 80 cm in height with lush bushes

I have ampel

Hello! I have an ampel mix, they were pretty too, transplanted from a cassette into a bowl, nothing changed, planted in February

Depends on the variety. I have a Mona Lisa - it is written that it grows in diameter up to 1 meter, so they are already like that. Planted February 22.

Already the side shoots began to develop.

Your direct beauties!

I also do not grow. Jinxed: -: (I guess. It always grew, and now the trouble.

So what are the crumbs) but we ourselves will grow them) we will not buy and save :-) they will grow where they will go) I have a very small lobelia) I was busy with it and now I realized that I need to sigh less) it will grow) well, not all right) that we don’t whine but rejoice that the main thing has risen 🙂

No, as planted in a container, they grow. It was sown not with granules, but with seeds. Seeds were in simple bags.

So it seems to me that ordinary seeds are better than granules. How good they are! Ugh, ugh! ! All good results!

Grow petunias with highlight?

No stand on the window

What are you feeding?

I poured epin, once I probably poured a solution for flowers

Your seedlings are just an example for us) that’s what we should strive for!


Oh, well, you’ll tell me straight. I have something growing better this year. Eggplant, so they generally delight. Huge leaves, plump stalk

I also planted simple seeds in February, they are even better, but next to them several pieces granulated from 7 packs sprouted.

And these in March on cotton pads are also not a bad result.

If we plant petunias in February, we need a backlight, without it they will stretch out. Planted on February 18.

And you did not clean the disks.

I apologize, it was a question, it’s just that you can’t see the discs in the photo, and the seedlings are beautiful, I have very miserable, also planted in March

No, I didn’t clean the disks, I began to slowly peek from the edge. I also planted them in early March.

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