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Remote control of lighting in the country provides a comfortable stay. Remote inclusion, as well as power outages in the apartment has long been familiar. However, to independently make such a device in a country house is also not too difficult.

Remote Lighting Control: How It Works and Benefits

Modern remote lighting control systems have the following undeniable advantages:

  • the ability to smoothly control the light, as well as turn off various lighting devices;
  • implementation of regulation by the level of lighting;
  • extending the life of a variety of electrical appliances;
  • a noticeable reduction in electricity consumption.

Radio-controlled switches and intelligent electricity management are practically unlimited prospects that can be applied when creating systems in landscape lighting. The street version of landscape lighting allows you to give unusual decorative appeal to such objects in the house adjoining territory as illuminated paths and steps, a swimming pool, flower beds and flower beds, ponds and fountains, as well as garden plantings. The illumination of architectural details of a country house is also widely used. Country lighting can be functional and decorative.

Remote Light Control: Connection

Ways to control the light remotely

A convenient and high-quality system for the correct use of lighting equipment can be organized in various ways. Most often, for this purpose and the exercise of control over all lighting devices, a single controller or remote control is used.

The maximum number of functions represented by the control of lighting devices is included in the "smart home" system. Any modern wireless lighting system can function through radio waves, infrared and pulsed signals.

In order to control the system, various options are used, which can be represented by wall controllers, lighting switches using remote control, personal computers, as well as smartphones - mobile phones.

Phone light control in the country

Among the most common ways of regulating various lighting devices is the use of a phone or smartphone, and The process is carried out in the following ways:

  • GSM-module in the form of sending SMS and calls;
  • Wi-fi application.

Lighting control consists in turning off and on lamps, in adjusting the intensity of lighting, in setting a timer for various lighting devices.

The principle of operation of the wall controller

The most technically simple remote control option is a standard wall controller. By its appearance, the wall controller is very similar to a conventional switch and is used to send a signal to turn on and off the lighting equipment.

This type of device is a modern machine that controls any lighting devices in strict accordance with a certain algorithm determined by the program. Information is sent to the wall controller from different devices, which can be represented by a remote control, sensors or buttons in manual mode. The programming of the controller is carried out using a standard computer keyboard and a liquid crystal display.

The sensors are accurate, some models have ultrasonic indicators that increase recognition efficiency. Properly installed photovoltaic cells help control the brightness of the lighting. The process of turning off and on is automatic.

Remote turning on and off the light from the computer

Computerization of the garden lighting control process is a modern and convenient option. As a rule, in the Smart Home home remote automation system, the control interface for lighting devices can be implemented using special software installed on a personal computer, or can be done through a browser, using a special web server that broadcasts a pre-configured page.

In the process of controlling lighting devices from a personal computer, the full functionality of the entire system is available, which is represented by turning on and off absolutely all light groups, as well as adjusting the brightness and launching various lighting or lighting scenarios. The correct implementation of all these possibilities requires the connection of lighting devices using a special programmable device located in a special panel.

If the possibility of installing a switchboard is completely absent, then the control of lighting devices from a personal computer can be carried out using programmable radio relays and special dimmers that operate using the z-wave protocol.

Another acceptable and quite convenient option is the use of special lamps with a radio module in standard lighting devices. Such a system is well compatible with special controllers that will act as a web server. The lighting devices and controllers regulated through a personal computer, produced in the line of ready-made iNеls kits, are very well recommended.

How to connect lighting control from a smartphone

Radio and infrared remote controls

Any set of wireless radio-controlled lighting must be equipped with a special radio transmitter, which transmits a signal coming from a special command device via a radio channel. The signal range indicators are directly dependent on the characteristics of a particular model, but the maximum values ​​are one third of a kilometer. The installation of the antenna allows you to increase the radius to 2.5-3.0 km.

A control station is used to combine all installed radio transmitters into a single systemhelping to control the functioning of the fixtures. The control station is connected to computers on which the initial settings must be set and recorded. Further operation can be carried out in a fully autonomous mode.

Wireless lighting based on infrared signals is used when organizing outdoor lighting. The principle of operation is similar to the operation of the remote control for the TV. To amplify the signal, a special device can be installed that converts the infrared signal into radio waves, which allows the transmission of commands over a long distance.

Organization of remote control of street lighting in a summer cottage

The system of regulation and control of outdoor lighting optimizes the street illumination of the house territory in the dark. Very important properly organize lighting using a systematic set of devices that can be represented by modern automated control systems.

In this case, the lighting mode of the lighting device is controlled and the state of the system is monitored. Also, the owner of a personal plot has a great opportunity to increase the energy efficiency of outdoor lighting. The advantages of this control include working in stand-alone mode, the complete exclusion of the human factor, minimizing energy losses and increasing the efficiency of the backlight.

Features of self-installation of a remote lighting control system

Too complex circuits will require sufficient knowledge of electronics, as well as the ability to independently perform load calculations and correctly create competent electrical circuits. In order to independently install the remote control and lighting control system, in specialized retail outlets you must purchase a PIC, AVR or ACУHO-GSМ unit or panel that is ready for installation.

The cost of such equipment is determined by the principle of operation, as well as the main capabilities during operation. It should be notedthat systems operating using radio waves are much more expensive than infrared circuits. If knowledge in the field of electronics and installation of electrical appliances is completely absent, it is advisable to entrust the installation of the remote control system to professionals.

If necessary, to control three or four lighting fixtures, it is recommended to purchase ready-made equipment with a remote control and special electrical outlets. Such an affordable option is easy to use and does not require complicated special installation.

Remote Control Sockets: How It Works

The power level of lighting devices should be selected depending on the intended operation and purpose. For example, you can provide soft illumination of a small house area with sodium lighting devices or DRL lamps, and modern LED strips are most often used to decorate a rock garden, a pool area or garden paths.

Modern remote lighting systems on a personal plot and house territory have become popular relatively recently. Nevertheless, this option of using lighting devices is convenient and practical, therefore it causes great interest among suburban real estate owners.

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