Why zucchini rot and what to do with them

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Hello! Please tell me why zucchini rot and what to do?

Search for a very long time. That's all and ask questions. If hashtags appeared, it would be easier. And to write under each post “it already happened”, “look below”, and so on. this is not a help.

I have the same nonsense. 4 small ones rotted. I cut the leaves for ventilation, fertilized, did not over-moisten. And still rot. She spat and did not fit for several days. 3 pieces grew normal ....

The soil is acidic, it is necessary to loosen and more light, I have a tree growing and creating a shadow, it is also necessary to remove the rot.

I'm rotting too

agree! I was looking for a tomato disease. I remember what I saw in the tape a few days ago. I never found it with hashtags would be incredibly convenient. For example #tomato #cabbage #lily And no need to suffer

And I read remove the leaves, and I deleted a few from two bushes

So on them and ovary all fell away.

Good day! Tell me why zucchini can be terribly bitter? Watering constant! For the first time such

At the beginning I had good fruiting ... They ate with all the neighbors. , and now the growth has ceased and those that are growing rot ((((((

They told me, I tell you: in a search engine, write, the zucchini rots, there are all the answers and quickly, try it.

Thank you very much for the answers, most likely, indeed, a lot of moisture and little sun. I cut a few leaves, put away the rotten. I will water less. I hope to still get a crop :) But I agree with Gulnaz that it is impossible to find that we need to look for answers below to our questions. If only recently it was, then yes! Before asking a question, I tried to find hashtags in the feed, alas 🙁 very helpful.

And yet, maybe there is an opportunity to receive notifications on my question, I just don’t know how? And then I had to go to the group’s page and look for my question.

Do not pollinate, pollinate manually

I’m at work, I didn’t have time, I want to help you quickly find the answers to your question. When you go to the group you will find a line - offer news, below in the right corner a magnifying glass with a stick is a search engine. Click on it and the keyboard appears, write that would you like to know. And while you are writing a search engine already gives all the answers written in the Feed that are.

“Suggest news” is, but I didn’t find a magnifier 🙁

I have a smartphone, there is a magnifying glass

In the left corner of the 7878 records, and opposite the search engine

Community posts, instead of a search engine

now, I realized: this is a normal search for VK, and I looked in the "offer news". Thanks It works:)

Glad I helped

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