Transplanting petunias from a greenhouse into a glass from a substrate

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Girls, is it really possible to transplant petunia from a greenhouse into a glass from a substrate? Or is it better not to touch it already? Planted tablets in peat, but without a net and seems to be flooded

They grow well in tablets after they ascend.

It’s better not to touch, there’s nothing to transplant yet. I just dived a petunia, I grew it last year and realized that it was very tenacious.

Now wait, like the first normal leaves. Or stretched cotyledons just sprinkle on top 🙂

There are no problems who buys granular seeds, but their germination is also not 100% 🙂 from granules - 80%. And for the same money, instead of 8 plants, you can plant 50 🙂

And you must definitely pinch so that the side shoots develop.

And it’s not necessary to dive. I wrote. Last year’s experiment. Dived, not dived-with the total mass they bloomed and then bloomed the same as those bought from the nursery 🙂

I love petunias and lobelias very much. They were not in a dozen, but in more than a hundred checked 🙂 although she herself was a summer resident of the 3rd year of experience. )

Girls! Help! The first time I planted petunia on a cotton pad in a substrate (I watched the video of Julia). Sprouted bristles! What to do with them now? After all, are they tiny? Maybe a little ground prisipat? or not to touch at all?

Write on the wall of the group. Hardly see you here.

What a good little flags!

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