Do I need to dive zinnia, marigolds and dahlias

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These are my flowers (zinnia, marigolds and dahlias). Tell me, please, do I need to dive them?

I look at you on the forefront of the line, generally do not interfere with each other and the rest, too, I would not dive them very good seedlings

It depends on when you plan to drop them 🙂 but I probably wouldn’t bother them

If there is room, it is better to dive, they can even slow down in growth, I’m all these flowers in about. G. Seyu, grow well.

I will land in mid-May. Another 1, 5 months. So I worry, no matter how they fell. And so look - it seems to stick out well) may not bother better. Here is the dilemma 🙂

I would not touch, the seedlings are not sitting densely, each other does not interfere. As they say, do not look for a job in your hands, but for one place of adventure. The seedlings are sturdy, and then they will go over.

Previously, only planted roses - there is no trouble. And such a garden for the first time spread. I saw Yulina video - and it turns out to be simple :-). The husband walks and clutches his head, is afraid to go to the village (he shakes his shovel :-). And everyone is trying to calculate the cost and output;). And I explain to him that this is priceless. This is my hobby and its cost price - my peace and peace of mind.

Thanks. I will do so.

Of course, this is such an outlet for the soul, you get up early in the morning, and run to the street, watch how it has grown over night, which has grown. By the way, it’s profitable to plant your garden in any way. Of course, our husbands do not want to wave a shovel, so they consider the cost. Mine so completely disowned the garden, looking at him only from afar. Because if it comes out, it’s sure to step on and crush something. I lay in the hospital last summer, arrived, weaved the weeds, asked to mow, so the squash, along with the fruits, mowed. I thought I would kill him there.

Of course you don’t have to dive

I sprouted dahlias on paper in a snail, and planted them in glasses. I also have a summer house in Len. There are a lot of areas before landing in the ground. Dahlia is a bush and its stem is fragile enough. I believe that the snail for this plant is small. But the marigolds are planted in a snail and I think that they will not have to dive. And your seedlings are wonderful and the roses are very beautiful. I, too, got hooked on roses.

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