How to overcome the Colorado potato beetle

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Hello! How do you save potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle? Can anyone have secrets? Already used ash and laundry soap - nothing helps. And every year the same thing, and sometimes it seems that it becomes more. Even transplanted potatoes to another place, and the result is zero. I want to hear effective ways.


Personally, I spray the plants with tobacco infusion, which can be prepared from 500 g of tobacco dust or dried and ground stems of the tobacco plant. For this, I fill in raw materials with 10 liters of cold water, insist for two days, filter. Before spraying potato plantings, add 40 g of laundry soap to the infusion. And Colorado beetles do not tolerate the smell of plants such as spring garlic, nasturtium, calendula, beans, beans. I plant them around the entire perimeter of the site and between the bushes.

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