What about cucumbers and how to help them

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Hello! Tell me, what about my cucumbers? How to help them?

August cucumbers leave, as it were. It's about time already. I pulled it out a week already

Spider Web, Today is Tick Day

Late ... drink the barges ... the kidneys fell off

It looks like they burned out. ((

Mine in the same way, my version is that they simply drop the leaves, I fed them a little with mineral fertilizers and water every night and even on these bushes I collect five cucumbers every day, because they still bloom and bear fruit in me, despite the fact that the green leaves remained only at the ends ... do not rush to pull it out, and suddenly you can still try ... you can pull it out at any time ... but it's so nice to pick fresh cucumbers by breakfast ... IMHO ...

The photo seems to be processed, you can’t really make out, they’ll leave for the account, well, I won’t give in, it’s up from the region, they give birth to me in everything, we just have time to eat, roll and give out

well, your leaves aren’t shedding? are they still green ??? because mine are already fear and horror, there are almost only stems, but still there are cucumbers ...

To burn.

If there is a mosaic on the leaves, then peronosporosis. Eat what remains and burn. To process the earth with copper. Read about this sore in the internet. It is very difficult to get rid of it, only prophylaxis (

no, they don’t reset, I feed once a week and a half, and they began to dry and turn yellow when the tick was

tell me how to get rid of it

spray the actar.

Kleieshest ... There is nothing to be done ... What are you thinking about, why are you waiting until everything dies ?? Aktara is an insecticide, it does not act on a tick. Acaricide is needed.


if only it began, it is possible and fitoverm. If such a run-down kaput is as in the photo, then I would first process it, then put it in a garbage bag (so as not to shake along the way) and burn it. After 5 days, I would have treated it with another acaricide, the walls, too, there is a drug introduced into the ground, it would be nice. You can sprinkle colloidal sulfur. And when the greenhouse is empty, then a sulfuric saber again. Do not forget about ropes, sticks and tools

I'm not doing it right ... appeared on the same lash

treat with a fitoverm with an interval of 5 days, keep in mind that this drug does not work on eggs that are stored for 5 years in the ground. Look around, they like eggplant, peppers, roses, etc.

and neatly cut this whip, do not shake it, take it out and burn it ...

raise the air humidity in the greenhouse to a maximum - 90% of the tick will run away, sprinkle with a garlic extract (100g of garlic, mash, pour in an enameled bucket with 10 l of warm water; leave for 2 days, strain), then urea: the solution is slightly less than a tablespoon by 10 l. water and leaves, and do not rinse. Well, if it's a tick. And with a fitoverm, he bites

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